When I studied Pedagogical Sciences, I learnt that our personality is the result of the manner in which we are raised by our parents. Many years later, when I started to organize intercultural trainings for expats, international managers and students, I realized that we are also influenced by the cultural values of the nation we come from and the one we live in. From then on I became much more aware of me being ‘very Dutch’, and now I am conscious of the positive and negative aspects of my culture I carry inside me, especially when I cross the Dutch border to visit other countries or talk to people from different cultures.

When dealing with people from other cultures we judge them very often by applying our own cultural standards.Sometimes we even condemn the life style of others and we think that our own values are superior.

SCHOKLAND en URK-juli 2006 005
The former island of Schokland in the Noord-Oostpolder – Unesco World Heritage

By giving lectures and workshops, teaching Dutch culture to people from different cultures I try to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect. I also give Dutch classes to people who are able to speak the language, but want to improve their knowledge of it. I will help you to construct the right sentences and to rewrite them. Conversation in Dutch could also be an important aspect for improving your Dutch.

Companies and schools I’ve worked for in past and present:

The former Royal Palace of Soestdijk

* The Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) Amsterdam
* Cultural Awareness International (CAI)  Dallas USA
* IOR Global Services Northbrook USA
* Living Institute  Kopenhagen Denemarken
* Global Workers Experience  Amsterdam
* SIEA- Dutch as a second language (NT2)  Amsterdam
* Erasmus University Rotterdam
* Maastricht University
* Leiden University
* Amsterdam University (UvA)
* Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam
* Volksuniversiteit Amstelveen
* Haagse Hogeschool  The Hague
* Intern. School of Humanities and Social Sciences Amsterdam
* PON Holding Amsterdam
* ROC Almere
* Belgian Translation Centre Oostende Belgium
* International Woman’s Club Amsterdam